Vintage Builders
Menlo Park, CA
General Contractor
Liscense #432104
established since 1982

About Us

     Vintage Builders is a locally owned construction company specializing in custom homes, remodels, and tenant improvements. We have been in business for 29 years in Menlo Park with the majority of our projects located along the bay area Peninsula.
     Over this period of time we have established excellent relationships with local architects, numerous subcontractors, and governmental agencies to allow for a smoother construction process.

     We have persevered   during economic downturns during our 29 years and continued to provide excellent service to our clients.

     All of us at Vintage Builders pride us on our attention to detail in all facets of our company. We provide quality labor and materials-we never cut corners. We provide high value service and construction for a reasonable price and are well recommended by clients and architects.

     Our crews and staff are readily available to clients and their representatives. Additionally, we are responsive after construction for all follow-up issues. Our mission is to complete construction in a timely manner while exceeding client expectations.

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